Lumen Apposing Metallic Stenting, Difference, How to choose & More

What is Lumen?

Lumen refers to the inner space of a tubular structure, such as a blood vessel. Lumen-related procedures aim to keep this pathway open and unobstructed.

What is Metallic Stenting?

Metallic stenting involves inserting a small metal tube, called a stent, into a narrowed or weakened blood vessel. This stent acts as a scaffold, providing support to the vessel walls and preventing them from collapsing. The goal is to maintain a stable and open passage for blood to flow through.

Lumen Apposing Metallic Stenting, Difference, How to choose & More

How to choose Between Lumen and Metallic Stenting?

The choice between these approaches depends on the specific condition of the blood vessel, the severity of the blockage, and the patient’s overall health. Lumen-focused strategies are often considered first, while metallic stenting is used for cases where more structural support is needed.

Differences Between Lumen and Metallic Stenting:

  • Approach:

Lumen: Focuses on preserving the natural, open space within the blood vessel without using any external devices.

Metallic Stenting: Involves the placement of a metal tube inside the vessel to physically prop it open.

  • Material Used:

Lumen: No additional materials are inserted.

Metallic Stenting: Involves the use of a metal stent to support the structure.

  • Procedure:

Lumen: Typically achieved through medications or lifestyle changes.

Metallic Stenting: Requires a more invasive procedure where a stent is inserted into the affected area.


Lumen and metallic stenting are both medical procedures aimed at treating narrowed or blocked blood vessels, but they differ in their approaches and materials used.

Both lumen preservation and metallic stenting aim to maintain proper blood flow, they employ different methods to achieve this goal.

The decision between these approaches is made based on the individual characteristics of the patient’s condition and the nature of the vascular issue.

Consulting a doctor is important as they have experience in this field. Hence, they would be able to tell you the suitable method after the diagnosis of your condition.

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