Colon Cancer

What is Colon Cancer The big intestine is where colon cancer typically first occurs. The digestive system completes with the colon. Colon cancer can strike anyone at any age, but it often strikes older persons. Small, benign (non-cancerous) cell clusters called

A colonoscopy is a procedure that gives a medical professional a look into your big intestine. A flexible camera used for this process is referred to as a scope. This test is performed to look for polyps and potential indicators

कैंसर के विभिन्न प्रकार है जिनमें से एक है कोलन कैंसर। कोलन कैंसर एक ऐसा विकार है जोकि बड़ी आंत की दिवार के सबसे भीतर परत से शुरू होता है। कोलन कैंसर ज़्यादातर बुजुर्गों को मुख्या रूप से प्रभावित करता