Agrawal Gastrocare Center (AGC) is the most prominent choice for Gastroenterology Center in Indore Madhya Pradesh, India. It has been founded by Dr. Amit Agrawal. He is one of the best Gastroenterologists in Indore.

Area of Expertise

GERD and Acid (Acidity) Reflux

Acid reflux is a very common condition. At the entrance of the stomach…..

Stomach Pain Treatment

Stomach ache is very common. Every individual experiences it at some point…..

Liver Disorder Management

The liver comes in close contact with a different harmful substance. From severe disease…..


Swallowing is a complex process and for food to reach our stomach number of nerves and muscles …..

Constipation or Diarrhea

Problems in bowel movement result in diarrhea and constipation. When bowel movement…..

Hematemesis – Vomiting Blood

Vomiting blood is also known as hematemesis. It is a serious health condition in which from mouth …..

 Colon Cancer Treatment

When the cells lining in the colon or rectum starts getting abnormal and start growing beyond control…..

Cancers of the
GI Tract

GI cancers refers to a group of cancers that shows its impacts on the gastrointestinal tract…..

Centre of Excellence

Diagnostic Endoscopy

A nonsurgical method used for examining the digestive tract of the human body is endoscopy. In this procedure,



For examination of the large intestine an outpatient procedure done is known as a colonoscopy. In this examination, a colonoscope is used.


Capsule Endoscopy POEM, ESD/EMR

For capturing images of the GI tract in capsule endoscopy tiny wireless camera is used

ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio

Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography is a process used for the diagnosis


Manometry is a test that is used for the measurement of pressure and peristalsis within the different parts of the intestine.


Liver Fibroscan

It is a non-invasive device that helps in measuring liver fibrosis or scarring which is caused by different types of diseases


Therapeutic Procedure

Therapeutic endoscopy is a well-known procedure for the treatment of problems related

Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS)

Endoscopy: In this, a thin and lighted tube is inserted inside the body


Dr. Amit Agrawal

Dr Amit Agrawal is one of the Experienced & Leading Gastroenterology Practicing in Indore. Dr Amit Agrawal is known for his skills, expertise and dedication in the management of GERD and Acid (Acidity) Reflux, Stomach Pain Treatment and Liver Disorder Management.

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Our Patients Experience on the Treatment

Dr Amit agrawal is an excellent doctor in his field and he has been a boon to thousand of patients who were under his treatment. Highly recommended!
Akshat Pandey
Dr Amit is a knowledgeable and a compassionate gastroenterologist. I have consulted him for friends and family at various occasions and have found his advice very logical and honest. Thank You 😊
Madhur Navlani
Dr. Amit Agrawal is a great doctor i used to work under him and i personally know him and them potential. He is very understanding and listens to your concerns. He takes time with the patient to help them with their health issues so that customers feel much comfortable and also feel free, i highly recommend him to anyone looking for a specialist...
Vishal Bhatiya

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