Dr. Amit Agrawal

Agrawal Gastrocare Center (AGC) is the most prominent choice for Gastroenterology Clinic in Indore Madhya Pradesh, India. It has been founded by Dr. Amit Agrawal. He is one of the best Gastroenterologists in Indore.

Dr. Amit Agrawal specializes in GRED and Acid (acidity) reflux and other stomach-related problems.In our team, we have highly proficient and specialists doctors with us.

AGC is specialized in the treatment and diagnosis of liver disorder, swallowing disorder, diarrhoea, constipation, stomach pain, and colon cancer treatment.

Our team is supervised by a Herpetologist and Gastroenterologist and are highly trained and skilled.All our specialists hold specialist medical training and they have also completed fellowships in sub-specialties of different types.

Our health care specialists look after treating, diagnosing, and supporting the management of the gastrointestinal disease which is required by the patients. Along with this out specialists are strongly committed to giving patients all required assistance no matter how challenging conditions and symptoms they are experiencing.

We understand some symptoms which patients are experiencing require special attention and support of the specialists. Therefore in our clinic, we have the equipment required by patients for the management of gastrointestinal symptoms they are facing.

We believe that some gastrointestinal diseases are the results of unhealthy living habits. We guide our patients on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that they have good gastrointestinal health.

Prevention is better than cure. And our priority is also suggestions on preventive healthcare. At AGC we are driven by exceptional health care facilities and everything we do revolve around the requirement of our patients.