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Foreign body Ingestion

A non-edible material being swallowed and entering the digestive tract is the most common cause of foreign body ingestion.

It’s also possible for edibles in becoming stuck before they reach the stomach to be considered this condition. Depending on what was ingested, it can qualify as a medical emergency.

Ingesting a foreign body frequently results in a smooth passage through the digestive system with no signs of discomfort or other issues.

The least dangerous objects to swallow are those that are little and spherical, such marbles, buttons, and pennies.

You may require medical attention if an object is lodged in your oesophagus, particularly if it is:

  • An object with a point that needs to be removed as soon as possible to prevent further harm to the esophageal tract
  • A small button battery, such as one from a watch or calculator, should be immediately removed from the oesophagus since it can quickly injure adjacent tissue.
Foreign body Ingestion Treatment - Agrawal Gastrocare Center Indore

Treatment of foreign body ingestion

Even though there are no symptoms at the moment, it is crucial to seek specific medical guidance if a foreign body ingestion is suspected.

  • The most popular form of treatment for ingesting a foreign body is endoscopy, which involves removing the object during a procedure. Endoscopic removal of a foreign body is frequently seen as a low-risk treatment option for foreign body ingestion because complications from the procedure are quite rare.
  • Medicines are recommended for those whose oesophagus is said to be blocked by food pieces.
  • Surgery is usually only necessary in the most complex instances, and there aren’t as many foreign body ingestions that need it.

Options for treating foreign body ingestion vary widely from person to person and are frequently influenced by unique circumstances. If you suspect ingesting a foreign body, call your doctor right away to confirm the diagnosis and go over the best course of action.

Dr. Amit Agarwal
Director & Gastroenterologist Consultant
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